Marketing is one of the most important aspects of a company’s business; it is the tool that brings customers to one’s doors or in this case to one’s site or page. YouTube is a video sharing site that enables users to post videos of themselves or their brand. A view counter enables the user to keep count of how many people visit the page throughout its lifetime. This sparked an idea that lead to an explosion of YouTube entrepreneurs with people making videos and marketing not only themselves but also many different things. With the potential to meet millions of visitors an advertising medium to use on the website would enable the users the site to make money from the viewers.

How it works

Tube toolbox is a very simple program in design and execution. Their business adage is to design software that automates mundane tasks so that we don’t have to do them. The program automates and delivers traffic to one’s website. It does this through various advertising methods such as banner advertising and posting links. It is a simple download that one runs on their computer and it has a whole list of features to ensure that your page has maximum subscribers and viewers to one’s page. Some other features listed are automatic subscriber and unsubscribe buttons, multi-message sending rotation. It also has several other automated features that make running one’s channel simpler and getting subscribers easier and maintaining the page better.


Most reviews on the product are mixed and lead one to question the actual quality of service it delivers. On several sites there are complaints that the product is inferior and that it works wonderful for a few months or weeks then it malfunctions and locks them out. Other complaints have been that it is inconsistent and has frequent bans. One user complained saying that the product is great and helped his site achieve 140+ views per day but was unsafe because of the banning of accounts so frequently causing him to discontinue the service. There are those that still praise the software especially its video share feature that targets certain users based on their previous selections. There are also those who say that the software takes time to learn how to use it properly. Whatever the case it seems to not be a problem with pricing as its favorable pricing leaves its customers satisfied at least in that department with costs starting at $19.95 for new activation and $9.95 onward.


Click Here to visit the official Tube Toolbox website if you are interested in trying it.

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