Are Your Views Safe?

This is a question we have come across numerous of times. If we gained a view anytime someone asked us that question, we would probably have about 28 views or so. On a serious note, it is a complicated question to answer. The answer is both yes and no at the same time. As much as most people would like to pretend, buying views is against youtube’s TOS so there is always a risk of the video getting deleted, so I suppose the question now is how high is the risk?


What are the chances of my youtube video getting deleted?

If you play your cards right, you can make those chances so low you will never have to worry about your youtube video getting deleted. Unlike other view providers, we are very open about the risks involved, and even go the extra mile by monitoring our system for any video deletions. If we detect a significant level of video deletions(most come about due to spam/fraudulent content getting flagged, not our views)then we always notify our users that views are no longer safe. See every 2 weeks or so, youtube will update their view count algorithm. This is what will cause the video deletions, these updates effect all view providers. We usually update our system on a weekly basis which is why we are not usually effected by the updates, but occasionally youtube will throw a low blow at us by making an update much faster than usual. Usually this still doesn’t effect our system but sometimes it will, and when such periods occur we will always notify users on the purchase page that a youtube update has recently occurred and views are now risky. Between the period of youtube updating their view count algorithm, our views are usually 100% safe.


What about your high quality views? Are they 100% safe?

Yes, and no, but more yes than no. See for the past couple of months we have been working on a new youtube view method that has not been effected by any of the chances. We have been testing it for months and it has remained safe and resulted in no video deletion. We have recently updated the medium and high quality views so it is now using our new method. However like with our previous method, we can never guarantee 100% safety, even though it has remained safe for months now.  In the future youtube may make a big update which gets us by surprise. We don’t have any direct connections with youtube so cannot be held responsible if a surprise big update occurs one day. In any case, our high quality views are as safe as it gets, as they have resulted in no video deletions so far.


What is your refund policy?

For medium and high quality views, we will refund money you spent on buying the views, in the event that our views cause your video to be deleted. Our very low quality and low quality views are NOT covered by our refund policy.

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