Am I cheating?

One of the questions many of our clients will ask us, and themselves is whether they are cheating by buying twitter followers or increasing their youtube views through our services. You are not cheating so long as you are using our services for legitimate purposes. Ultimately, people buy from us so they can set the foundations that will allow them to gain more exposure. Don’t believe us? Click here, you are in for a big surprise. Even Obama, president of united states buys twitter followers, 19.5 MILLION to be exact. An abundance of celebrities ”cheat”, however this doesn’t effect the quality of their content does it? Obama is still president even if about 70% of his followers where bought. Lady gaga Is still….well lady gaga even though 71%, so about 29 million followers at the time, where bought.


How does buying social media fame benefit me?

How does it benefit you? hmm honestly not sure where to start. Fame, regardless of whether bought or organic, is an indicator of good content. Even bought fame equates to good content because it means you care enough, and have put enough effort into your content that you are willing to buy fame for it. The more views/followers/likes/comments…etc your content has, the more likely people are to take your content seriously, enjoy it and spread it. Simply put, act like you are famous and you really will be famous. If your youtube video has 1 million views your audience will be more likely to share it with their friends and subscribe, so very soon if you play your cards right you could gain a million more views, but this time from they would be generated by your audience, not us.


Tips on buying fame

If you are going to get into the business of buying views, or facebook likes, do it right! If you are building your reputation from scratch, so have very little or no online presence, you need to invest your money wisely. Many of our clients will sometimes make unwise decisions like buying one million youtube views, but not buying anything else. Think about it carefully, video A, uploaded by channel A, has no online presence whatsoever, then one day his only video gets 1 million views, with no comments or likes. Not a good look is it? Many will know the views are fake. This probably sounds very contradictory considering what I wrote above about celebrities buying fame. The reason they can get away with it is because they already had reputation in the first place, so even if people know half of their fame is bought, they accept it since they have already become attached to them. Buying fame blindly works well if you already have a reputation of some sort, doesn’t have to be big, just there. If your online presence is too small you have to make smart purchases. This means instead of buying millions of views, buy 100000, and invest the rest of your money in buying comments, likes, dislikes and subscribers, you know, even things out. This may all sound abit deceitful but believe me when I say it works.

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