Which will take your business to the zenith – Adwords or FaceBook?

What is Google Adwords

Google adwords is a program that allows business class to display advertisements on targeted web sites. These advertisements are managed by Google itself. Before reaching a particular web site its content is thoroughly checked by professionals as well as machines of the Google team. This prevents fraud or inappropriate advertisements from appearing on various web sites.

What is Facebook Advertising

Facebook is an online social medium through which a lot of interaction between people of all sorts from all parts of the world takes place. A user has to create a profile in facebook first and then add other users as friends. This creates links between and among all the people of a group. When one updates his or her profile, it appears on the other’s walls or pages. This is used as an easy advertising medium by many people.

Advertising on Google Adwords – its mechanics

Google manages your advertisements. They administer the advertisements on to suitable websites. The advertisements are sorted out according to their type, content etc and placed on websites accordingly. The advertiser does not have the headache of maintaining the advertisements. Google will do it. Google, with its search engine results decides on the most suitable web site on which your advertisements will appear.


These ads are often based on the content of the website, so that any visitor on the website, who is interested in its content, will be compelled to click on the advertisements as well. If the advertisement is placed in a very popular web site, of which content has a relevance to your ad, you gain a lot of visitors.

The search engines and page-ranking of Google acts as the basis of adwords advertising. The advertisements will be perfectly matched to the content of the web page. In that way the advertisement will reach the targeted audience.

Adwords creates banner advertisements which will never interfere with the web site, but at the same time it will be highly significant as far as the website is concerned. Adwords enjoys a high level of popularity among the business class because they can be sure that their ads will appear on content-rich web sites which are rated high by the search engines and users.

Google Adwords is easy to install. The only requirement is to have an adwords account. So it suits the beginners. Another advantage is that when you advertise through your adwords account, your ads are automatically accepted by the Google without much of a quality rating.



The advertisements are run often on a ‘pay per click’ basis. The rivals of an enterprise can click on their ads just to increase their expense.

Another complaint is that if the web sites want to advertise themselves on Google they are charged a commission.

To track fake clicks, Google employs tracking cookies which often act adversely on the privacy policies.

Advertising on Facebook – its mechanics

A user starts with making an account on the facebook and adds others as friends. They can ‘like’ something on the page. When they do that it will reflect on their profile. Such updates of the profile of a user will appear on all his friends’ walls or pages.  In short, a lot of idea exchange goes on among the facebook users.


The greatest advantage is that it is more customized. You can get your advertisements to the people you want. That means targeting a market is easier. You can decide the size of your advertising territory. If you want to promote your business to a local market you can do it.

You can decide your targeted audience more precisely. You can target young or old, according to the gender, or locality, depending on the relevance of your business. You can even design your advertisements to suit each of these groups.

When one of your friends ‘likes’ your advertisement, it will automatically appear on his or her friends’ walls. Then t is natural that they also decide to look at it. So you can have a lot of audience whom you actually do not know; yet they are sure to be of similar interests.

The fact, that you can talk about your project through your facebook page before you start it or advertise it, is of prime advantage. By the time your advertisement appears, the level of awareness will be already high. This type of promo helps a lot.


The fact, that people see your ads because of their friends, does not necessarily mean an increase in business.

Besides, your page should be continuously monitored. If an adverse comment appears, it should be dealt with without delay. That way it is often tedious.

As facebook encourages bidding for advertisements, the lesser enterprises may be at a disadvantage when there are a lot of high bidders.


Advertising Cost,

When it comes to the cost of advertising there doesn’t seem to be much of a difference. In AdSence the advertiser can bid according to his budget. In the facebook, as it depends on the size of the audience, you can decide it according to your budget. Both these advertising allow personal budget.

Adwords VS facebook

When you evaluate these agencies, as to which is more advantageous, you have to see which is more beneficial and realistic for a business. While facebook exposes your business to a large audience, they need not be much interested in the ads, as the main reason for having a facebook account is more for chatting and socializing than business. People who are busy in chatting may not pay much attention to most business.

But adwords seems more serious about business. As the advertisements are managed, sorted and administered by professionals of Google, it stands more of a chance of reaching the relevant audience. So one may think that adwords makes more sense. Additionally lets not forget recent market research suggesting facebook marketing may be a fraudulent.



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