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Twitter is a free social network which allows its users to communicate with others through what is called a ‘micro-blog’. It is a short posting consisting of just 140 characters. It is up to the user how he or she uses this limited format. It is a matter of utmost importance that one should use the micro format diligently. This condensed interaction is referred to as a ‘tweet’. Apart from being a perfect podium for social communication, it is an excellent platform for business promotion. It takes quite a bit of thinking and planning to launch a business enterprise through Twitter.

You have to know the dynamics of the social network before you decide to do your business promotion through twitter.  Obviously you have to build a lot of connections with people. You should be able to interact with them meaningfully before they take you and your business seriously.

1.Its all about making  a prominent profile

The first step is to create a Twitter account and an impressive profile. Looking at your profile the Twitter community should get an overview of your person and business. You can fashion your user name in such a way that it contains your name and business. This way, people will be familiar with your business as well as your name. This user name appears in every one of your tweets. It is better to use this profile name in all your online accounts. This enhances your online presence. Nothing helps your business more than an imposing an online presence.

Creating a profile image is equally important. This image appears next to all your tweets. So either you can have a head shot of yourself or your company logo for the profile image.

A twitter profile header is a larger image where you can make your business statement.  This image appears at the top of your profile. It is the best way to introduce your business. If you can design and word your profile header properly, it will make a real impact on the Twitter community. What better way can you get to launch your new business!

2.Building a community around your business places it on a pedestal

You can stay put for a while to see the reaction of the community at your appearance. Then follow the people who are likely to be more concerned about your ideas. It is not advisable to build a community too fast. Be very interactive. Ask questions about others and their interests. Answer queries about you and your business. Needless to say, that you should give the impression that you know the business. If you are able to offer suggestions and information in a knowledgeable way, you can be sure to gain a lot of followers. Meanwhile, do not worry about who follows you, be more concerned about getting worthy people to follow. With the people you follow and the people who follow you, you should be able to build a worthwhile community.

3.Linking your Twitter account with your other online accounts expands the circle further

Be sure to place the Twitter share button on your social media page. Adding the tweet button on your social website page will encourage the visitors in your social media to tweet to you. You can even re-publish your tweets in your social media pages. This is added conversation and exchange of ideas.

You have to share the details of your website and blog also with your twitter account.  You should make it easy for people to share your web site and blog also. This is added exposure; and you know exposure is the key to your business success.

4.Sharing and caring always does it

When they see your tweets people should know that you are concerned with everybody. If you harp continuously on your own matters, people lose interest in you. This will make you shed followers. The best way to show your concern is to re-tweet someone’s relevant tweets. These re-tweets should be informative and generally relevant. Then people will listen to you with all the more interest.  Always discuss topics that interest others. You should give an impression of utmost sincerity in your tweets. You can even tweet about your personal matters occasionally. This gives a personal touch to your tweets, which never fails to interest people.

5.Directing traffic toward your website does the trick

A busy web site is often referred to as a successful one. You can direct traffic to your web site through smart twittering. One way is to find out issues in which you can offer professional help. This can be done by using the Twitter search engine using relevant key words. When an issue is spotted, you can tweet a suggestion to visit your web site for more information.  This should be done diplomatically. Pushing people aggressively to your web site will not do.

6.How important is a profile bio?

The profile bio gives others a clear picture of your business. It will tell them what your business is capable of.  This should tell the customers where to find you offline as well as online. Your profile bio should contain your web address, blog and email address. It is better to provide a special twitter landing page in your website. Talk about all the benefits your business can offer others. This will create a number of followers. The more the number of followers, the more influential you will become.

7. Tweeting at the right time

It is useless to tweet when no one is listening. The best way is to tweet when most people are online. They see a pop-up while they are at it and will be interested. You have only 140 characters. It is advisable to include relevant keywords and its variations whenever it is possible. When these keywords are relevant to your business or website, it will benefit you when the Twitter search engine takes note of it. It will come in handy when someone wants a particular service and comes looking for it through Twitter.

8.Other small little strategies

  • You can create a number of Twitter profiles and operate different deals from them.
  • You can put forward new offers and deals through Twitter and engage yourself in discussions about them with real customers.
  • You can create Twitter based customer service where you yourself can answer a few queries. It will gratify the customers to a great extent
  • Post business news in Twitter
  •  Engage in informal discussions with employees and customers through Twitter.
  • Using the new photo tagging feature twitter has recently released, a feature very similar to facebook. Tagging photos is another great way to spread brand/content awareness.

Twitter helps you to maintain connections with people from all walks of life. It gets your messages across instantly. The advantage is that you can tweet as often as you want. All these aspects make Twitter a perfect spring board for your business.



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